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Why Do Lawyers Send Their Clients to Chiropractors After A Car Accident

We often hear this statement from new patients: “I was in an auto accident, and my lawyer sent me to a chiropractor. What do I do now?” Most people in this situation don’t think much beyond the current moment. It’s likely you’re still recovering from the shock of the accident and the unwelcome change it has brought to your life. You may be in pain and suffering from health issues related to the accident. The last thing you want to worry about is where to go to get the best care for your injury.

That’s where we come in.


Why Did My Lawyer Send Me to a Chiropractor?

Car accidents can wreak havoc on your body, producing health issues months and even years down the road in some cases. Most accident victims are encouraged to go to a doctor immediately following the incident to make sure there are no serious injuries.

We recommend scheduling an appointment at Robin Health and Wellness. If you haven’t done so, that would explain why your attorney is suggesting you see a chiropractor now.

Long-term treatment and recovery is not something an ER or family doctor can offer, but it is our specialty.

How Can a Chiropractor Help Me?

As a reputable, auto accident chiropractor, we treat spinal damage, whiplash, muscle and ligament tears, severe headaches resulting from the head injury, and many other sources of pain you might not have considered. Some accident injuries are invisible, such as persistent headaches, nausea, dizziness, and whiplash. Waiting to see a chiropractor when you’re suffering from any one of those symptoms could increase the likelihood of a more serious problem developing in the future, long after your settlement. That means the possibility of more expenses you could have prevented by visiting Robin Health and Wellness for assistance following your accident. Tears in ligaments or muscles is another example of an invisible injury. These often result in uncomfortable inflammation and are difficult to detect with an X-ray. Muscle tears can cause you to wake up feeling stiff and sore after an accident, even though your doctor said everything looks normal. We use spinal manipulation to realign your spinal column, which helps the body release an anti-inflammatory substance that reduces pain and lowers inflammation in your body. This is a drug-free way of solving a problem that may persist long after your accident. Although medication may be necessary in some cases, in most, it simply masks the pain. As your chiropractor, we will address the root of your injury, focusing on healing you rather than simply helping you manage the pain. We’ll focus on the site of your injury, but you should also feel a reduction in achiness and pain throughout other areas of your body with this treatment.

How Long Should I Go to My Chiropractor After an Accident?

Visiting a chiropractor regularly will help reduce the chances of chronic conditions developing later in life as a byproduct of your accident. For instance, even minor injuries can result in a reduction in your range of motion. These injuries can magnify over time, or they may appear to wane even though the source of the issue has not been fully addressed. As a result, only your chiropractor can tell you when it’s time to stop treatment.

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